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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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well presidents prime ministers and business we just were around the walls and down there to tool global find out from among them is own what i call them presidents and sam the food for boxes. and i'm very pleased to say that he joins me now here on the many thanks for being with us and so in your opinion does the g twenty remain as strong as that risk is still a real consensus and improve the walls financial system every much so i think they . didn't become a global government of course but i think from meeting to meeting the more and more before the day to the ideas and. ideas. becoming program for example or something so today that measures so i think that the very useful prose for the thing that. showed the idea twenty meeting its parts truthful and what top school steps could the g.
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twenty take to advice along my well as economy and trade. number of. discussions of course one is relates to the global sustainable and balanced growth and of course. there's a focus on the budget deficit for the youth in budget deficit reducing government. controlling. the main key muckraking normie. i think that is quite important on the other hand there's a for the reform of the national monetary fund and other quite important the serious breaching the financial stability or special in full financial security which includes the increasing capital and liquidity adequate still the banks include the creation of the recent managed money for larger financial institutions and we shouldn't be. creation of the new more efficient
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scheme for more. financial markets now the twin the focus of this is so seen plenty going on during the so-called currency wars than that balancing out said global trade imbalance that big a problem do you think these two issues are. definitely creates this conflict creates additional problem leads to our mobile that it's the old the. changing of a currency market and. i think this is the is of the best for the world economy and about i think it is a direct result of the crisis. we share for the worse and the situation for many come to the woods and reduce them reduce the wealth of the world so. be released that i don't think that these are trying to resolve the c.d.c. or. measures like for example the american side proposed as will be implemented the
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so many differences in approach between chinese japanese americans europeans and the merging markets so i think but but i hope that with the growth of the all of them in a discussion of these east you these you will not be as accurate as it is now how many developing countries you look you know the road interest at the moment to get there is a nice implement a joint moment she stuck to g. among these imagined. i think the answer is yes about i think this should happen within the four g. twenty mechanism because there's no reason for any specific group developed convery of or emerging markets to create their own models to bring their own ideas left there agreed between detrained and the rest of the. world nations german chancellor angela merkel recently someone sitting protection. it is and as being
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among one of the biggest challenges to face the global economy what do you make of that and what would you say someone just being among the biggest challenges it's always i mean crisis always leads to more protection and that's the number one i would say so from this board view there's nothing unusual that the recent rise of the lead to the same situation either in the currency field or in the trade field. yes i think be also used to liberalize the economy to liberalize the world trade to liberalize the world economy i think that's the correct way to proceed now what do you make of the us this recent announcement over the weekend six hundred billion dollar round of wants to be out how safe and how will it continue to affect even think about it from the common i agree that it's probably had to stop. the government supporting measures for the poor than me and it's too early and i think
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the russian government would you substantially support but also consider this program and i think i think we will see a little bit more of darwin support for the next year or so before really the big one i mean stop to conform with government assistance i think it's quite important and how has the will got us won't we need to tell the stimulus kids says the comment specifically well i think. being a part of the global economy a russian economy is offensive depends on the. on the american economy as well so from this point if you i think because growth in america we see the better for us or so here we're in the same boat i think focusing on the inflation that to which you state that the rocks and governments you think pulling out and see what's still full call for inflation in the coming year. i think what the what was there already and those by the russian government. so for me thing for i'd really stick i think
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the government succeeded in bringing inflation to be a record lowest level and i think it will continue to be used. to the level of other developed nations within the next three four years tunning and now it's only going to debase the film in an old house was that kind of sound american management want to do you think it would take an even concert. to multi-currency this that i think that will happen i don't know how we can. we for example be insisting that ruble should be included in this growth of at least for the purpose of original currency and i think. i mean be a very big debts on american morning in a very negative dollar a month the volatility over the leading reserve governs i mean. everybody to the conclusion that this should be
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a currency buster and i think the going to happen in the future the head of the world bank recently suggested reintroducing gold and i think it's a good life currency is meant to make it fun. to say. not very much believe in this but but but we should consider it if i don't i don't i don't ready to give any. based on any analysis of this in your opinion that might create financing help the economy recover from the recent months ago a lot of discussion and so on in general when the russian president mr medvedev met the group of international business and i think there's a big concern that arises the fact of first of all small and medium sized businesses and without the support of the government encouraging the bank for example for micro finance. it will be difficult to. build up.
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some of the business or for polygamy so i think the one of the why the one who bought them p.c. was that we should be on the agenda in so. your opinion what role can the banking system in place to reinvigorate small and medium sized business. i think it is definitely a quite a difficult decision for the bank because the. financing this to me is just considered to be maurice large company what will this cost to date is that some kind of the. special encourage one for the bank or rather special schemes and russian presence sets that in russia there's a number of schemes west set for example through russian bank of development through other large banks when the government provide substantial supports. for through this special program
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a full financing as in these i think brought so the results and i think those programs will be continued on the day coast in president abbas's been something back many thanks for joining us here on a c thank you. for some this is just a parliament building in urban. land. sixty five years ago. was the final target i'm going to minus two major offensive from an army . of scantron became the symbol of the fall of the financial tsunami. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall i'm in on r.g.p.
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. the moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and noone to suffer today. was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. how many more will me come. children common get on in the future. holidaymaker them wouldn't dare to swim so deep. a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die if
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nothing was in an arm's reach. they are not too mists they are researchers. and film or some land then in deep water. for your convenience are comfortable. shuttle bus will teach you to smoke. in just a few hours from serving her to forest and scaring the scorned mirrors in your direction.
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today. these are the images has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. wealthy british style it's a time to. free. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on r.g.p. they feasted this is not a provocation but a warning that. the forces that we should use just everybody is sure to support
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the trieste peaceful they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one it's business is it of them to do something for any army life whether you see them is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two the pieces. of the tree nineteen forty five don't dot com. the russian and american presidents promise security to each other around the world it's on the sidelines of the asia pacific summit in japan. after much angry rhetoric between china and the us the summit of the world's richest nations and so ends with an agreement to stand back from waging currency boards. suspected of
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organ trafficking network under investigation for those concerned region is becoming a major hub for organized that. moscow news paper covers more details of this moscow washington spying scandal saying it was a top intelligence officer exposed to send people's cover. sports news is next with the telly. hello and welcome versus this force news thanks for watching and we begin with the latest headlines premier league holders are being the now officially out of the championship race on three two will draw ads nama moscow. to boston to tell wayne spoke of the season ending up with dobby grand prix ahead of fellow
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title contenders lewis hamilton and fernando alonso. and also the slalom season house kicked off with wylie shilled winning the first world cup race in finland had the body of the show and tania champion. a massive we cando of premier league action is in full swing across the country and title holders are being lost even a slim chance of repeating this season after a tool draw ads now mom has cracked the school board fest in this one eye exam that a pretty young though able to nat so with the back of these have here twenty three minutes into the match and they doubled the lead twenty minutes late to kevin korangi has been having a great season his school's the second folds nama however just four minutes off to the restart substitute alexander quiz me in sets of christan the ball who pulls one back for a beam and then the board scores the second of the game but it's only a joy adults enough to stay in the championship race. elsewhere on line you were
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able to salvage a point at two am the hosts again open just five minutes again the stuff gets fouled in the box and foremost ball that man had so zuba converts the penalty kick butts twenty minutes off to the wrist back on the visitors alone for a kick could go to go blue love comes up with it and far as a stunning to the top left school and i want all the final score line is sitting on twenty six points tied with one car and create yes i've got a four second from. bottom. and then grossly terry where into taining anji the hosts opening in this one as well in a say in a quick counterattack and die with the beautiful girls with terry. but you were able to just three minutes later that young man with a had on a set piece six minutes before half time on take a bent i guess the second yellow card for that foul in that felled and it was much easier for the visitors from their own son checked in for the sixty s.
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and he made a difference right away to one after this crafty hadda and also to school did another one a few minutes later for the final school for you want to. in england manchester united had to come back from two goals down to salvage a draw at villa park a great second hoffman that won ashley young and mark boal driving putting failure to offer before substitute federico might care the old one back and then the money of the ditch converted the corner into the equaliser elsewhere gareth bale had a brace sandro month and a chance to also scored a s. top blackburn who'll suit three goal is jules owns the day while in the late game stoke crushed little to deal and help. real madrid will have to make do without manager sam were on the touchline for a while as the glock to go seek to stand baden in league up the portuguese banned for two games for using quote inappropriate language. there's
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a spanish in iraq as in after maureen you told referees result luis progress romero to go to hell during last wednesday's call by the rematch against morsi or the forty seven year old was duly jacked up from the game mario oversaw the side b. that led to the madrid darby last weekend reales victory in town from the start of the season and they currently sit a point in front of champions barcelona. now the stakes are high in formula one with a season then abu dhabi grand prix due to decide the driver's champion four men could win it all on sunday including s├ębastien would tell who is in the driving seat for the race after clinching the pole position in saturday's call of flying the red bull driver posting the quickest time ahead of fellow title chasers former champion lewis hamilton was second fastest while current overall leader fernando alonso ferrari he said the dells teammate mark webber also stays in the handful of the title following
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a place finish in qualifying and this is the first time in f one history that four men compete for the title in the final race of the season. in india afternoon the late evening in the practice we didn't look too good and we were not one hundred percent happy but i think we made a big step today which allowed us today to fight for the pole or think it was very close with lewis especially and in the end i think you know if it would have done two runs through have been probably the better choice and i was surprised how much the circuit revved up for us in the end but nonetheless you know we went out last and we did it so a very good job today by everyone the whole team and as i said it was a tight session so you know we're looking forward to tomorrow and see what happens . in turn is good news for the local fans at the very small stores where frenchman gael monfils be told you federer to make it through to the tournament decide that was the latest match while in the first semifinal of insulting edged out the second frenchman at the last full stage michelle drug did with the opening sand bottles
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unable to hold onto that lead eventually losing six seven seven five and seven six meanwhile the face was the man of the day off was knocking out better yet another close three setter five times breaks and all have been played in sami's with soldiering now preparing to face month piece in sunday's draw and knowledge. about a superb performance was produced by adam bland on the greens on saturday the local favorite stretching his australian masters lead to three shots before the final round defending champion tiger woods made while had another tough day and made in calamitous weather conditions the world number two progressively getting worse on the day and he will need to recover from a nine shot deficit if he is to win his fast event of the year meanwhile blonde who is in the process of completing the p.g.a. qualifying school showed he's done his homework and all the strength and with the danielle goal want as well as andras stoltz closest to him.
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and from the greens to the slopes to finland where the slalom season has begun with molly's shilled clinching the first world cup gold in livy the austrian two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight slalom champion posting a time of fifty five point nine seconds in her second drawing which combined with previous attempts was enough for the overall top finish german martin came second with tiny of returning to lines in the home crowd in finland with a bronze medal result. and staying in finland where russia suffered the first loss and this is your hockey to a going down to sweden in the second game of the card you look up three two. the final school bjorn mellons with a win to me the way through the second period there and in the other game hosts and crushed czech republic five zero. and more coming up in our goals goal or section as we've reached the hof way stage of the kontinental hockey league season
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here come the week they have highlights.
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the i'm . going to. go
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ahead. live.
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that's the sport for the moment you can get more sports stories at dot com slash sport now it's time to check the weather. wealthy british. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for. the for europe comes from our comfortable. we'll take you to the just few hours searching for a scary.
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on the move. craters. scorching soil and toward there are included. a photo with the wild in the lunar rover for free.
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u.s. president barack obama you should russian president dmitri medvedev that be a start treaty ratification is a top priority this came on the sidelines of the apec summit the two leaders met in a bilateral meeting. on a much angry rhetoric between china and the u.s. the summits of the world's richest nations and so ends with an agreement to stand
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back from waging currency wars. a suspected organ trafficking network under investigation most of biggest concern the region is becoming a major hub overnight crime. a russian newspaper uncovers more details of this summer's moscow washington spy scandal saying it was a top intelligence officer and. you're watching r.t. and this is our weekly needs of you but first as the only country ever to be hit by an atomic attack japan seems an appropriate place to aspire to a nuclear free world on the sidelines of the apec summit in yokohama preston.


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